Reduce plastic pollution with the first Refill app 

Want to keep plastic out of the oceans?

We have the solution to make living with less plastic easy.  

Introducing Refill  

The easy way to reduce plastic pollution

Refill is an award-winning campaign to prevent plastic pollution, started in the UK, in 2015 by City to Sea. Our app was the first on the market and makes it easy to reuse and refill your own bottle with free tap water.

But we know the problem is more than just plastic bottles. The Refill App is expanding to include places where you can eat, drink and shop without the pointless packaging.

Put your business in our app

Join businesses all around the world providing free drinking water or refills in reusable containers.

Help prevent plastic polluting our oceans.  

Join our international campaign 

We’re looking for Delivery Partners worldwide to take the Refill campaign even further. Join us and help launch the Refill campaign in your country.  

Download the Refill app today 

Refill your water bottle, coffee cup, lunch box and even your cleaning products. Save money, reduce plastic, and help protect the ocean. Download the app to find free Refill points in your country. 

One million plastic bottles

are bought every minute – and that figure’s expected to rise by 20% by 2021*. 

How it all began 

Refill was started in the UK by City to Sea, a Bristol-based not-for-profit organisation that runs campaigns to stop marine plastic pollution. The Refill campaign has grown into a global movement, with local and international Refill schemes starting up around the world. 

By the end of 2019, in the UK alone we expect to have stopped around 100 million plastic bottles from entering the waste stream. 

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