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At City to Sea, our vision is to find just plants, sand and marine life in the world’s oceans and on our coastlines… and no plastic! 

Refill is a City to Sea campaign

City to Sea is a multi-award-winning organisation founded by Natalie Fee in 2015. We organise fun, solutions-based campaigns to stop plastic pollution in the oceans.   

We believe in inspiring and empowering people to make a difference in their communities. We work with governments, manufacturers and retailers to help them tackle plastic pollution, and we reach millions of people with our digital content and campaigns.   

Refill is just one of many City to Sea initiatives reversing the trend for disposable items. This will help to safeguard our seas, coastlines and marine life for the future. 

The story of Refill

Refill was piloted in Bristol in October 2015 and has since grown internationally. Through the growth of Refill Schemes in the UK, over the last four years, we’re now on track to have a Refill Point on every high street in the UK and schemes developing across the world.  

Find out more about Refill in the UK  

Refill isn’t just about free water. We want to offer other kinds of refill and we hope you’ll join us. 

You’ll soon be able to use the free Refill app to refill your coffee cup, lunchbox and groceries. And even your cleaning products and toiletries. 

We are launching a pilot scheme in Bristol and Oxford, and hope to expand it across the UK in 2020. You’ll soon be able to use our app to find Refill Points for everything you need. 

Coffee refills

Buy your coffee in a reusable coffee cup.


Buy your food takeaways in your own containers.

Public water fountains

Finding public water fountains when you’re out and about.

Plastic-free shopping

Find places where you can refill your household items.

How City to Sea is changing the world

Things that block the toilet 

We want to reduce the number of wipes and disposable menstrual products being thrown away in the toilet. 

Most wipes, tampons and pads contain plastic and should not go into the toilet. 

Plastic-free cotton buds 

Our main campaign in 2016 asked UK retailers to stop selling cotton buds with plastic stems and switch to paper stems.

Our petition was signed and shared by over 155,000 people in just two months. 

What should not go into the toilet 

We’re putting stickers on toilet doors in public spaces, universities, cafés and restaurants, to inform people about what they shouldn’t put into the toilet. 

Only flush the 3 P’s.

Plastic-free menstruation 

Our entertaining films are raising awareness of the 4.3 billion disposable menstrual products used in the UK every year

We offer solutions to help women switch to reusable menstrual products. 

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