Find Refill Points on a street near you.

Download the app to find free Refill Points on a street near you.

Wherever you are, you can use our app to find free Refills close by. Just tap the app to find your nearest Refill Point and reduce, reuse, Refill and repeat.

Find a Refill Point 

Refill your water bottle, coffee cup and lunch box to save money, stay hydrated and reduce plastic pollution. Use our free app to find Refills – or look for the Refill droplet in shop windows. 

Select ‘Find Refills’ and the map will highlight nearby locations. Click on a location to find out more about them, like their opening times or how you get your refill. 

Add a Refill Point

Is there a free water fountain near your home or workplace? A coffee shop at your local train station? A zero-waste shop in a nearby shopping mall?  

Do you know a shop or café that would be willing to offer free refills? Could your workplace or business provide free refills? 

You can add them through the ‘Get involved’ section of the app.

How to add a new location: 

  1. Select the ‘get involved’ tab. 
  2. Then click on ‘Add a Station’. 
  3. Select a photo or take a picture of the Refill Point.  
  4. Tap to select the location > the location details will be populated. 
  5. Fill in the details for the location, and tell us a bit about this location.
  6. Select which types of Refill this Refill Point offers. 
  7. Select the type of Refill Point.  
  8. And save!  

We’ll check if what you’ve added is suitable and willing to join us before it appears on the app.  

Every refill has an impact.

Once you are within range of the Refill Point you can log your visit in the app. Registering your refills lets you measure your personal impact on plastic pollution. 

Protect the planet

Every time you refill your reusable bottle, you’ve protected the oceans from more plastic. 

Reduce carbon

Refilling reduces the carbon emissions from plastic production. 

Save money

Find businesses that offer discounts for using a reusable.

Over 100,000 marine mammals and turtles and one million sea birds are killed by plastic pollution each year* 

Find a Refill near you

Find out if there’s somewhere you can Refill in your area. No? Start your own Refill Scheme to tell everyone about our mission and help us recruit Refill Points. 

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