How you can join Refill and our

international campaign 

The Refill campaign is now going global, with interest from Iceland to Australia – and you can be part of our international Refill community.  

Join our quarter of a million app users refilling all over the world

Reasons to introduce Refill in your area 

We’re looking for Delivery Partners worldwide to take the Refill campaign even further. If you’re part of a like-minded community-based national organisation with experience of life-changing projects, you could help to launch the Refill Campaign in your country. 

By joining us as a Delivery Partner, you can:  

Become a leading force in our global movement to tackle single-use plastic pollution. 

Join a trusted organisation with a positive and inspiring campaign. 

Engage with local communities, influencers and businesses. 

Increase funding opportunities for your organisation. 

Build a network of partners in your area. 

Gain access to our excellent product partners, available in most countries. 

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